Apple App-Aholics Anonymous (Onavo Extend)

App Name: Onavo Extend
Developer: Onavo Mobile Ltd.
Price: FREE (for now)
App-Aholic Rating: 5/520120518-194318.jpg
For lack of interest in the selection of new games this week, I choose this post to steer your attention towards a nifty little app I stumbled on about a month ago.

Indeed, this app may be useless to certain Verizon and Sprint users who are blessed with unlimited data plans, for the customers of AT&T (one of only a handful of customers who have failed to catch on) we have a tool to help us reduce our data footprint and stretch every bit out of our limits.

Onavo claims to take your downloaded data and compress it, therefore lowering the amount of data that is consumed to complete a task. This includes the minimizing of images and emails. So far, though, Onavo has been unable to add this feature to uploaded or streaming data, such as that found on YouTube.

Usage: The interface is simple enough. Onavo Extend provides several screens that track your apps that use data and how much of it. It provides information for the savings accumulated on each app, as well as the overall savings since each Onavo Extend reset.

Truth Is: I was skeptical about this one at first, but for a free app, it was worth trying. After downloading (AND installing), I was more than impressed. Not only did the numbers in the app claim I was saving on my data plan, I noticed a significant decrease in the rate of my usage as monitored by AT&T.

Be Warned: Although Onavo Extend is free for now, Onavo Mobile Ltd claims that as their technology advanced to encompass a larger span of savings, future updates for the app may be accompanied with a (currently undetermined) charge.

Bottom Line: Onavo Extend is just a bit too good to pass up, especially for the supreme price. If Onavo Mobile Ltd continues to improve this already-efficient app like they promise, there’s no reason why future updates wouldn’t be worth the extra money Onavo may charge (assuming these numbers are reasonable). As is, Extend is a golden addition to your app collection, whether you want to reduce your data consumption for the sport of it, or if you’re on a network where money needs to be saved.

Get this app! You’ll love it. Happy downloading!





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