Android App-Aholics Anonymous: Flixster w/Rotten Tomatoes

App: Flixster w/Rotten Tomatoes

Developer: Flixster Inc.

Price: Free

Rating: 5/5


One of the coolest things about smartphones is how much time they save, and how much frustration they help you avoid, when attempting to complete everyday tasks. They definitely have made certain tasks quick and easy. One of those tasks is finding a movie to go to. Remember the days when you would have to call the movie theater and listen to the insufferably cheesy recording of someone telling you the movie times? I worked for a movie theater at that time, and I am so very grateful that I was never asked to do one of those recordings. In regards to movie times and location, the most technologically advanced help we had was Moviefone (the guy did have a cool voice). Even with that, you had to sit there and listen to all the showtimes until the recording got to your desired movie. And what if you missed your film’s showtimes? Yes, you will have to call back and listen to the recording…AGAIN. Thankfully, technology has evolved to a point where it has given us direct, easy access to whatever information we desire. The Flixster with Rotten Tomatoes app for Android is just such a technological marvel. In case you haven’t noticed, I truly love this app. Without a doubt, it is one of the most useful apps I have on my Droid RAZR. With Flixster, showtimes and ratings are provided for films that are opening in the current week and for the films that are topping the box office. The trailers for most films are readily available and you can click on each film to get showtimes, view photos, and even add your rating. You can also see the MPAA rating, genre, running time, release date, and the cast and director of the film. Critic and user reviews are also available. You can also click on the upcoming tab to see ratings and trailers of films that are on their way to theaters. There’s also a tab that allows you to connect with your Facebook account or even view and manage your Netflix queue. You can also easily find theaters near you (from 3 miles to 200 miles) based on your current location. Participating theaters also allow you to purchase tickets through the app. You can also keep tabs on new release and upcoming DVD’s. Flixster’s interface is simple and easy to use. The ads are minimal and do not take away from the rest of the app. I have never had a problem with this app force closing or not working properly. Overall, Flixster is full of information, helpful, easy to use, and great to look at. Honestly, I find it difficult to find anything negative about this app. If you enjoy movies, this is a must have app!


About Steven Brewer

I’m a lifelong comic book fan. Comics pulled me in at an early age, with influences ranging from Chris Claremont’s historic X-Men run, Walt Simonson’s Thor run, Mike Zeck’s run on The Punisher limited series, Jim Lee’s X-Men, the early 90’s X-Men animated series, and the best cartoon ever made, Batman: The Animated Series. As a kid, these comics and cartoons gave me a new world to go to when the real world wasn’t so nice. Because of this, comic books will always have a special place in my heart. I love everything about comics, and still get the same feeling reading them today as I did when I was a kid. My major in college was psychology, so I love to incorporate that into comics.
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