All the Rage Movies Episode 5

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Brandon C. Williams @brandosupreme
Jason “J” Hughes @ultraversion21
Jesse Miller @penofdoom

Avengers and the future for Marvel and DC (SPOILERS)

  • What we expect from the next wave
  • Who needs to show up in the sequel?
  • Can DC accomplish this?
  • Amazing Spiderman, Battleship, MIB3, G.I. Joe, DKR, will Blockbusters benefit or hurt?
  • Can DKR touch it?
  • Is this the super breath these movies needed?
  • Will Disney finally drop Pirates and Mars and focus on superheroes?

Anchorman 2 (LINK)
Red 2 (LINK)
“The Starving Games” another terrible Parody (LINK)
Sin City A Dame to Kill For teaser (LINK)

Bane Speaks Youtube Video (LINK)

What have you seen lately?

Jesse – The Avengers, Nick Fury: Agent of Shield (1998)







Jason – The Avengers, All the Marvel Movies
Brandon – The Avengers

Has Jason seen it: The Thing
Does Jesse like it: Ballistic: Ecks VS Sever

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