8-est and Greatest TV Moms

In the book of Genesis (the band, not the first book in the collective works that are the Bible) Chapter 1 Verse 48, Phil Collins wrote: “On a dayeth unlike most dayeth we shall celebrateth thou Mothers and keep them holy. And unto the mothers of entertainment we shall makith a list of 8 and deliver it unto the world…” Then Peter Gabriel chimed in something stupid that completely derailed the whole piece. That’s why no one remembers the book, until today. So we start with a list of the eightest and greatest TV moms in honor of Mothers Day this Sunday.

8. Peggy Bundy from Married With Children. Katey Sagal was awesome in the role as Peggy. I tried five sentences here to attempt and describe what her character was and failed. It was an odd and completely original role that will be remembered.

7. Skyler White from Breaking Bad. This is my GetGlue sticker. I don’t like Skyler White. I’m not sure I care about Walter White anymore. But I absolutely LOVE Breaking Bad and for good reason. It’s amazing. Brian Cranston wins Emmy’s for this show like Lance Armstrong wins Tour De’ France’s (not sure how to pluralize  Tour De’ France). And whether I hate Skyler or not she is a mom in one of the most awesome shows to ever flicker across a screen.

6. Shirley from Community. Even though she doesn’t parent her kids on the show she’s the mother of the study group. Community is brilliant and was just renewed for their fourth season

5. Tara from The United States of Tara. I just started making my way through this show on Netflix, it’s good, and Tara plays a ton of roles. So, four or five moms (and a dad) for the price of one.

4. Frankie Heck from The Middle. This show is the modern day Roseanne and Frankie represents some form the average mother in Middle America. Brick will likely grow up to rule nerd culture with an iron fist.

3. Athena from Battlestar Galactica . BSG is the (and I may go to Hell for saying this) greatest sci-fi show of all time. It is so EPIC and completely amazing that if you haven’t seen it stop reading write now, track it down on Netflix or wherever, and watch until you fall asleep. Wake up and watch again. Athena is a supermother in it. Mother of the Super Half Cylon/Human baby.

2. Cersei from Game of Thrones. A vicious mother of an awful little demon king in Game of Thrones . I could rant about how awesome GoT is but I’m sure you already know it is and love it to death. Cersei and her incestrious child wreak havoc all across George R. R. Martin’s HBO adaptation in Westros, ruling the Red Keep and pulling strings that are echoing every Sunday and driving me insane.

1. Gemma Teller/Morrow from Sons of Anarchy. Katey Sagal graces the list a second time. Once at the top and again at the number one spot. In the off season I almost forgot Gemma. Writing this and going through TV mom’s she popped up. Smoking in one hand and holding a gun in the other, that’s how Gemma parents. “I was put here to be a fierce mother…” She said herself in one ep. She is, the fiercest of all mothers and for that Happy Mothers Day.


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