TWIG: Humble Bundle/Youtube Edition

I am sorry to report that there is absolutely nothing exciting going in game/DLC land for the next seven days. What shall I do? Well, there are two things:

1) Play the games included in the Humble Bundle I downloaded for Steam.

2) Watch Youtube videos.

If you do use Steam to purchase games, among other platforms, I suggest signing up at this site ( to be notified when when they publish a new one because I purchased a set of games for hours and hours of play for just over $7 (US). The whole system is based on donations and you pay what you want, the main incentive being that if you choose to donate the average price gamers are paying for the bundle, then you get an extra game. You even get to choose where your donation goes (charity, developers, the website itself).

One of my amazing Twitter/LiveJournal friends told me about the offer and now I think I owe him cookies.

For number two… here are some of the channels I’m currently obsessed with.


Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch are two of the most creative and hard working guys on the internet. Their videos span from video games to pop culture to original concepts, all with their own self-taught VFX. Their success on Youtube can be measured in page views: hundreds of thousands within 12 hours of a new upload. Watch the 2011 summary below to get a good taste of what they do. The second channel is for behind-the-scenes and commentary videos, which can provide quite the insightful view of how they do their VFX and sometimes they teach you how they do their own.

They’re both funny, intelligent, and talented, plus they know their video games and internet.

2011 in a nutshell

One of my (many, many) favorites: Crossfire!


Epic Meal Time

These guys make killer food. Seriously. This food, eaten on a daily basis, will KILL YOU. Bacon. Jack. Muscles Glasses. Boss Sauce. Just watch the videos. Warning for massive liquor consumption, curses, and on occasion, hot girls.

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  1. Ayayay! I was looking you up to see how my freind and I could get involved with the festival. We were unsuccessful last year and are trying to get a headstart. We signed up for the email alerts last year and never got any response. When you get a second shoot me an email! It looks like you’re doing well! Looking forward to hearing from you.

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