Brandon and Jesse’s 8-Bits Episode 4

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Brandon and Jesse’s 8-Bits

Episode 4

Jesse Miller @penofdoom
Brandon C. Williams @ brandosupreme

– Bill HR 4204 Video game warning label (LINK)(LINK)
– Skyrim and Rage DLC coming this month? (LINK)
– DLC coming to fix Mass Effect 3’s ending (LINK)
– Ugly Shepards and Samuel L. Shepard
– Skyrim patch 1.5 comes to consoles today (LINK)
– Mojang’s new game is called “0x10c” (LINK)
– EA is officially the worst company in the US (LINK)

Jesse’s What are you playing
Mass Effect 3
Angry Birds Space

Brandon’s What are you playing
Draw Something
Replying PSONE games, Diablo, Final Fantasy VIII

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