Top 8 C2E2 Cosplay 2012


Of all the Batmen I saw this one stood out the most, he was the perfect size for the airbrushed muscles to really pop


An obscure character, Pixie, but this costume was almost dead on, I loved this.


A Miles Morales Spiderman! This was great, and proof that the character has some dedicated fans.


One of the few Nick Fury's that looked awesome. The other Fury's were terrible.


This costume was intricate and the long time payed off, this was an awesome costume.


I always give points for being original, I love the Rocketeer, and this costume would be perfect if he was a little buffer.


My favorite group costume of the show, these girls looked gorgeous. Classic animated style costumes.


Amazing makeup, amazing costume, great pose, great smile, this costume has it all.

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