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I was thinking the other day, yes hard to believe but it did happen. What if my idea of a good neighbor was different from what State Farm says a good neighbor is like? They say are they one and I feel they should base that claim on how I would rate that. I am the consumer after all. It should be easy enough to bench mark it off my idea. A good neighbor to me lets me borrow all their stuff and doesn’t get mad when I break it. They also never bother me, oh yeah and loan me some money also! Come on State Farm be a good neighbor!


Not the neighbors you want

I was at the casino the other day. Boy howdy do those people blow some cash. I myself just took advantage of the free beverages.  I like free things and well the sight of little old ladies screaming at the one armed bandits are always a good laugh.


I want one. Anyone want to buy me one?

This has been my week. I would ask people to leave a comment but I know better.

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