8 Gorgeous Geeks

It’s the season of the geek. It’s also Spring. Lets mash the seasons together in a list. A sexiest geeks (female edition) list.

8. Maggie from the Walking Dead. Her life outside of the show may be full of sexy parties and the English night life, I don’t Actually know, and that is pretty far from geeky. So she only earns a spot at number 8. She is a beautiful girl and might earn a spot higher on another list, but sadly just playing in a zombie TV show based on a comic book earns you bottom slot. *Sad face*

7. Keri from Mythbusters. Science geek to the core, Keri Byron earns a spot at number 7 for being a sexy smart kid on one of the most brilliant shows ever. Blowing stuff up and looking great while doing it.

6. Melissa Rauch, from The Big Bang Theory. Bernadette Peters on a show about geeks. She’s a hilarious comedian other than playing Howard Wallowitz’s GF on the show. Other geek cred, True Blood, and Best Week Ever.

5. Felicia Day. Felicia Day is practically the Queen of geek. She and Chris Hardwick should make super-geek babies together. Aside from doing everything on the comically genius web series The Guild, she also played on Syfy’s Eureka and Doctor Horrible’s Sing-a-long blog.

4. Tina Fey. Ms. Fey might be the Queen of geek. It’s a tough call. Her celeb status is definitely bigger than Ms. Day’s. All I know is that the unofficial Queen of geeks last name will end with an aye-sound. Tina Fey is also most definitely a super geek to the eighth power, writing for SNL, and 30Rock she also wears glasses like a crown.

3. Team Unicorn. Team Unicorn represents the female side of geeking and gaming  with a powerful voice. They ARE geek through and through. Their song Geek and Gamer Girls http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eJmYKN_1QE is an anthem for why they belong on this list. Watch it, you’ll thank me.

2. Emma Watson. 8 Harry Potter films as a geek icon should be enough. She grew up representing geeks in a fantasy film series. At 22 and bouncing back and forth between Oxford and Brown University her brains are carrying the cliche’d geek cred now.

1. Morgan Webb. Co-host on X-Play, Morgan Webb earns her spot at number one with her geeking background alone. She’s also known outside of the geek community for being beautiful. Playboy magazine asked its readers in a poll which of TechTV’s sexiest Techies they’d like to see nude and Morgan easily stole the prize. Ms. Webb has said she’ll never pose for the magazine but has posed pretty close to that caliber of photo for several other mags. Geek and Lovely Lady, here’s one more beautiful geek award Morgan Webb.

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  1. Morgan Webb! Love her! Great list Eric.

  2. Good list, but Team Unicorn really deserved four places, not one. Each of those ladies has stellar geek cred in their own right.

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