Instagram releases an Android app

Anytime that I (an Android user) talk to an iOS user they feel that they need to tell me all of the apps that their phone has that mine doesn’t (Android users do this too, just not to me).  There has been one app that almost all of my iOS friends have said that they couldn’t possibly give up their iPhones and do without; that app was Instagram.

You’ll notice that I said WAS.  Not that any apple people are going to switch to a new platform for a single app that they too can get, but Instagram released the Android version of their popular image sharing app today.  The app function just like the iOS version and really just brings the app to the Android platform.  Basically a twitter for pictures, Instagram will allow you to take a photo and apply a filter to it; then share it on a number of different social networks as well as the website.

I was a big fan of Hipster and because of that I downloaded Instagram as soon as my phone would let me.  Here are some screenshots of the app in action:



So if you like taking pictures with your phone but wish you could upload and share those pictures across all of your social networks, check out Instagram and see if its the social picture app for you.

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