App-aholics Anonymous (Hipster) (Hatchi)


App Name: Hipster
Price: free

The Android faithful, such as myself, have been waiting for the now famous iOS app Instagram to release for Android.  While Instagram hasn’t yet come to Android, Hipster is here to sate your retro photo sharing needs.  Hipster basically allows you to take a photo (from the camera or gallery) and apply a filter, text, and location data to it that turns it into one of several “postcards”.  After applying filters and picking  a locale you can use Hipster to upload and post your photo to Hipster’s network, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and even have it check you in on Foursquare.  For a free app that seamlessly connects to so many networks, Hipster does it’s job and does it extremely well.  So while Hipster does suffer from an unfortunate name, it is a must have app for Android photographers.

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App name: Hatchi
Price: $0.99

Let me start this review with a question.  Do you remember a little toy that was all the rage at one time called “Tamagotchi”? Tamagotchi were a small electronic toy with a LCD screen that let you care for, play with, and grow a digital pet; Hatchi is just that.  Using the extremely simple interface, you keep your Hatchi fed, bathed, entertained, educated, and healthy.  As the game progresses your Hatchi will grow and change into different creatures.  Hatchis can take a lot of neglect (trust me, with my schedule I’ve killed a few), but don’t let them go too long without the basics or you will come back to a Hatchi who has X’s in it’s eyes.  If you are like me and loved Tamagotchis when you were young, Hatchi is a blast from the past that is fun to kill time with.  If you don’t like wasting time or don’t have time to waste, Hatchi is probably not for you.  Enjoy or don’t enjoy; its your call.

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