Geek Movie Review: Lockout


Let me start out by saying something that may be considered by many to be absolute geek blasphemy. I think Guy Pearce would make an AWESOME Deadpool. Seriously, go watch his new film Lockout and tell me that he doesn’t have Wade Wilson written all over him. I bring this up because his performance is what makes the film. I mean, the concept alone is super cool. A maximum security prison in space that is taken over by its inmates? Just try to tell me that that doesn’t sound awesome. Pearce is absolutely hilarious, sharp, and his performance draws you into the film. In fact, his character, Snow, is pretty much the only character that you want to feel anything for. All the other characters, Maggie Grace included, seem like throwaways placed in the film so it wouldn’t be just Guy Pearce shooting stuff and mouthing off. I found it very difficult to feel anything for Maggie Grace’s character, Emily, who happens to be the daughter of the President of the United States. Despite this, there is an exchange between Emily and Snow towards the end of the film where Emily shows a little bit of heart, and this exchange gives the film a little heart as well. The film has super cool technology (it’s set in 2079), and the story is paced well. However, the film does fall on its face in certain ways. First off, you will have to suspend disbelief at certain parts of the film. I know its 2079, but is the human body capable of doing that stuff? Also, it seems as though the writers spent most of their energy on developing Guy Pearce’s character and said to heck with the others. As I write this review, I still can’t figure out just what the prisoners were holding hostages for. They mention getting off the prison, but is that it? The main antagonists are forgettable, and I was never able to decipher what one of the craziest inmates was saying due to his thick Scottish accent. The ending has a little bit of a twist that I did not see coming, it’s not mind blowing, but it works. Overall, the film is fun, paced well, and draws you in with certain characters. It may be clichéd and over the top at times, but it’s not trying to be anything else. Guy Pearce as Agent Snow alone is well worth your money. I give this film a 7/10.


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I’m a lifelong comic book fan. Comics pulled me in at an early age, with influences ranging from Chris Claremont’s historic X-Men run, Walt Simonson’s Thor run, Mike Zeck’s run on The Punisher limited series, Jim Lee’s X-Men, the early 90’s X-Men animated series, and the best cartoon ever made, Batman: The Animated Series. As a kid, these comics and cartoons gave me a new world to go to when the real world wasn’t so nice. Because of this, comic books will always have a special place in my heart. I love everything about comics, and still get the same feeling reading them today as I did when I was a kid. My major in college was psychology, so I love to incorporate that into comics.
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  1. You are totally correct. I just watched this movie the other night. That was definitely Wade Wilson.

  2. +1 on the Wade Wilson/Deadpool thought

  3. I think he would be a great Wade!

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