Geek Book Review: Plague Town by Dana Fredsti

Romance, passion, action, thrills, and Zombies, the first in a planed trilogy of Ashley Parker novels, Plague Town delivers it all.

I like to imagine the zombies are mostly sexy too.

If you think Anita Blake was a bad ass wait until you meet Dana Fredsti’s sword wielding zombie slaying vixen Ashley Parker. Parker is a tragic character losing her family and friends to the Walker Flu, a deadly sickness that turns people into flesh eating ghouls, but she doesn’t just curl up in a ball and cry (I’m looking at you Bella) She get’s even. Shortly after her town is over run with Walkers, Ashley finds out she is a wild card, a person immune to the Walker Flu, and something the government wants to help fight this threat. Plus, an interesting list of rules.

Not these Wildcards!

The writing is what you expect, this book isn’t going to be put in the vault as a life changing novel, but it’s highly entertaining and worth a read. The dialogue seems strange, until you realize it’s because Fredsti captures the exact words that a young woman would say, this isn’t an unrealistic movie where any coal miner can make an amazing speech, the dialogue feels real. The action is well paced and the romance is pretty steamy.

This doesn't happen, I'm being immature

The zombies are classic Romero grade, and she let’s you know it with more Easter eggs than a Catholics back yard. I loved the little homages throughout the book, but at times it pulls you from the drama. Fredsti knows her zombies, and her tough women, which makes since, she’s been both!

She's partied with Bruce!

Overall, the book gets a B- rating from me, I’m not the prime audience, of course, but I still really enjoyed the read. I just don’t care for the underlying love stories throughout. If you like the Anita Blake, Sookie Stackhouse, or god forbid, the Twilight series, but need a little more bite (see what I did there) and less whining, pick up Plague Town available from Titan Books.

Plague town was courtesy of Titan Books.

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  1. “Is this a kissing book?”

    Seriously, thank you for the great review!

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