Top 8 Lamest And Coolest Zelda Characters.



Epona is a lifetime friend and a way into many restricted areas, not only is Epona an awesome mode transportation, but it makes archery way more fun. Plus everyone likes a horse.


Easily one of the coolest villains ever in a videogame series, and one of the best fighters in Super Smash Bros. The meanest, toughest Ginger ever. People love to hate Ganondorf or Ganon, what ever.


Princesses in video games, they always get kidnapped and are kind of useless, except for Zelda, because when she’s in trouble as Zelda she poses as the super desert ninja Sheik, awesome.

Re dead

Medieval zombie slaying. Why hasn’t this gotten it’s own game? Left 4 Dead, Dead Island, Resident Evil, crap… How about Dungeons and Zombies, who wouldn’t play that! Kill zombies with swords and bows!

Like Like

Giant tubes that swallow you, these are stupid, in Link to the past they eat your damn shield. I hate these giant pig rectum bastards.

Armos the Bouncy Knight

This was clearly a lazy day in the development process, they’re statues of knights… that… bounce? Screw it, lets get Taco Bell.


Of course this creepy old mapmaker with a balloon fetish makes this list. No one like this character, yet he shows up in more than one game. He usually tops the list, but there is one more annoying than this creepy cocaine raddled (look at that nose) elf man.


So Navi “HEY!” uh, is a annoyi.. “LISTEN TO ME!” …ugh. A fairy th..”HEY!” for the love of god SHUT UP NAVI!!! “LISTEN TO ME!” AGGHHH!!

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  1. So a Like Like is a McRib?

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