Last One Standing: Kratos VS Conan


Years as a badass: Since God Of War 2005.
Weapons of choice: Blades of chaos, chained blades used for all types of slaughter.
Lamest moment: Ares tricks Kratos into murdering his wife Lysandra and daughter Calliope.
Coolest Moment: He kills Ares and becomes the new God of War.


Years as a badass: Since Weird Tales in 1932.
Weapons of choice: usually a a sword, but really anything he can get a hold of.
Lamest moment: The 2011 cinematic flop, and once he got drunk and ran into a wall, knocking himself out.
Coolest Moment: Other than the classic Arnold movies, he starred in some of the best sword and sorcery comics, books, and one pretty awesome video game.
Who would win?

Where do we put our fighters? At their strongest? A God of War vs The king of Cimmeria with the help of Zelata’s wolf or do we put them on a lower level, the angry Kratos vs The brutish Conan, yes this is a good fight. Kratos has the reach and stronger weapons, but Conan is more of a strategist than the rage fueled Kratos. I talked this over with the greatest geek minds that I could find in 10 minutes and in a landslide Kratos wins. I voted for Conan, but no one else seemed to go with me, I guess killing a snakey James Earl Jones isn’t as impressive as killing a few gods.


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  1. I gotta call bs. Conan spends his days taking down beings of greater power than himself and his night taking there their women. I guess there are not enough Conan fans in the world.

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