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There are a lot of competitors in the online storage market these days and not all of them are created equal. Dropbox is my cloud service of choice for its synchronization across many different machines and platforms. If, by chance, dropbox’s 2gb free account just doesn’t have enough breathing room for you and you don’t mind using a website to access your files on anything other than a mobile device then try Box. Box is basically just like dropbox except for its access options; if you only need the storage for mobile devices it’s perfect.

Right now you can get the Box app (also on iOS) and signup for an account to get a free 50gb of storage space.



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I drive a little over an hour every day and while podcasts give me something to listen to for a little while, every once in a while I run out and really want something to keep my attention; enter Audible. Audible is an online store for audiobooks that’s been around for a little while but has really started to hit its stride lately. For a monthly fee you are given a certain number of credits per month (1 for a gold account and 2 for platinum account), then you use the credits to buy books from the store; most books only cost one credit. You can buy books without credits with the member’s 10% discount or you can buy credits in bulk with special promos.

If you like reading books but don’t always have the time to sit and hold the book, look into Audible. You can signup for a free month and cancel anytime keeping the books that you’ve downloaded. Try it today and get a free book. What’s not to love?


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