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Welcome aboard everyone. Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all have had a wonderful year and that you all have a wonderful one to look forward to. Anyways, how about those resolutions? What’s up with that?

This year I don’t think I will do a resolution. Though to be honest I never have had one to begin with. Everyone is all gung-ho on these dang fool things and then quickly forget about them.  Forget that noise, I am not even going down that street.

Speaking of streets, why do streets have so many names? Roads, avenues, boulevards, park ways, expressways, highways, byways, and so many more. Why all the different names? This is pure insanity of the upmost level! If it wasn’t so well organized it would be anarchy!


The well mentioned and up until this point never shown Rambler.

Hey, wait a minute. Why can’t we have organized anarchy? We have organized crime and I say why not organized anarchy. Oh wait, I think they already have organized anarchy and they call it the Federal Government. That just figures, I come up with something to only find out it was already invented. Story of my life.

You say why, I say why not!

I blame writer’s block. That stuff is tough. There is by far nothing as bad as a bad case of creative impediment. It sometimes seems as if these halts of the creative flow are by divine intervention.

This guy would never mess with anyone, would he?

Or perhaps laziness on the writers part…. Naaaaa… can’t be.

Anyways, see you all next week.

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