App-Aholics Anonymous (Google Goggles)(Smule Magic Guitar)

So here we are; this is the first time that Android and iOS apps have met at the altar of app-titude and both passed out at the same time.  Roughly translated that means this is the norm from now on; Apple App-aholics and Android App-aholics have been combined to bring you a one stop shop for Android app fiends as well as iOS app fiends.


Google Goggles, Free

Our app for this week is a good ‘ole Google app.  Google Goggles (say that ten times fast) was released for Android devices quite awhile ago, however, it tends to get better and better each time I open it up.  Here is what you can get out of it.

Every once in a great while I find myself looking at a piece of art, a company logo, or some text that I want to lookup on Google, but frankly with all of my fame and million dollar business deals I just don’t have the time to type in all those words.  Goggles saves me from this tedious typing task by letting me take a picture of my subject and then scanning it for photos and text.  Goggles will do a Google search usin the text, look for pictures that match, and even let you add some text to your contacts.

If you find yourself in a foreign country and can’t read the language Goggles will save the day.  Goggles can scan a sign or anything else containing text and translate it using Google Translate.

Overall Goggles is a great free app that will come in handy the next time you’re in a rush and just need to search for information about something you saw on a sign at the side of the road.

(Sreenshots in the main gallery below)



Smule Magic Guitar, Free

Music games are a dime a dozen ever since Guitar Hero, but on the iOS platform there is one company that does music right and that company is Smule.

Smule’s Magic Guitar is a game where you select a song and use the touch screen of your device to play the notes of that song (in a simplified manner of course).  The better you play the more points you get, the more points you get the more songs you can get; you can even let people online listen to you play.  While it’s quite a simple game at its heart, Smule’s Magic Guitar will hook you and keep you playing just because it’s so easy to do.

Overall, Magic Guitar is a fun little game to pass a couple of minutes away, just don’t end up playing air guitar in the doctor’s office.


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