How to Install Doom 64 Absolution for PC

Today I am going to show you, with a video I made, how to install Doom 64 Absolution to your PC. No Rom or Emulator Required! Some settings may need to be adjusted depending on the stats of your machine.

The Doom series has been one of my all time favorite games.  As our technology in video games advances, older games of my generation have been weeded out; so I am going to show you guys how to install Doom 64 which was released in 1997. This game was the definition of fear in its day and would keep you on your toes. Fight your way through zombies, imps, and the barons of hell.  If you respect the FPS games of today, then come back to 1997 and play what the newer games are built off of.

What your downloading is an import that  a team of 8 individuals decided to bring back in 2003.  You can find more information about the game and its enhances by clicking here Doom 64 Absolution.

Download Link = Doom 64 Absolution

Follow the captions in the video to install.

Stay Tuned for the Next “How To” Next Week!


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  1. Too bad we can’t read what you’re typing, where you’re installing and what you’re adding as starting parameters even at the highest quality setting of youtube…

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