Geek TV Review: Being Human Season 2 Premeire “Turn This Mother Out”


As always we open with Aiden narrating, vague dark messages and then Aiden stopping a vampire attack. pretty common stuff.

Josh and Nora lay in bed together and Josh explains the wolf and it’s appetite. Nora joins the group, aware that her pregnancy is an issue and dreading the coming full moon since her werewolf scratch from Josh is sure to curse her as well.  There is a great scene of the gang sitting around the breakfast table, all the set up you need is mentioned, Aiden is now the head of the local vampires, The “Mother” vampire is coming to assess the situation, Nora knows all, and Sally has a high school reunion. That’s the general deal.

The story the splits into three storylines

Aiden meets with mother and it’s pretty tense, he wants to help educate the newly turned vampires but she decides to “cull” them, and elect her daughter, who did something horrible in the past, instead of Aiden as the new leader. Aiden is scared, and he needs Josh more than ever, unfortunately Mother sees Josh as a nuisance, and wants him taken care of.  Aiden later shows the Mother what he is capable of during a botched hit.


Sally goes to her high school reunion, she meets the young Scotty, a fellow student who killed himself her junior year, and learns of a more popular student who also died, Sally learns new info about being a ghost and helps another dead student find her door.


Josh and Nora get ever closer to the full moon, Josh is still afraid and he doesn’t know that Nora is possibly a wolf, and Nora is still trying to understand what may happen to her. Nora is at first relieved when she doesn’t transform, then the process starts and as she calls out for Josh, only Josh is busy dealing with his assassin.


This season is looking like it will be fun, lets hope its as good as last season. If you are disappointed in the way vampires and werewolves have been treated recently watch Being Human, it is good old fashioned monsters like they used to be.

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