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There isn’t much to discuss this go around. Just a slow week all the way around.

Mattel has finally decided to announce that the Retro Action line is dead. They did this in a QNA session and not in an official announcement as has become the norm. In all honesty I don’t understand how this company stays in business or how it became the largest toy company in the world. My only guesses could be that it either has a crazy profit margin on Hot Wheels cars or they sell a lot more Barbie dolls then I give them credit for.

I might get really upset with Hasbro from time to time, but they at least know what customer service is. I once had to call and talk to them and they were very polite and extremely interested in fixing the issue. Every time I called them I would quickly receive a letter in the mail acknowledging my issues and thanking me for calling them and to inform me that they were looking into the issue. Hasbro might be a slow company to deal with but they get it done and they truly treat you much better than they have to. I can also say this from the many meetings I have had with them at Joe Cons. They are some great people! Mattel, you need to take note and learn a lesson here.

This all reminds me of the time I met one of the Hassenfelds. For those unsure that is the Has in Hasbro, the bro means Brothers. He obviously wasn’t one the originals to start the company but you could tell he still took pride in it and really cared about the image of Hasbro. He is really a great guy.

Now I know what you are thinking, this is just way too much gushing over all this. Don’t worry here is the rant.

Vary recently some things came to light about some of the deplorable conditions at Chinese toy factories. Now I won’t lie and say we didn’t know how bad it typically is at these factories. But, they apparently have gotten even more deplorable and one of the worst offenders is currently making toys for Hasbro. Now I can’t lay too much blame at Hasbro’s feet since they don’t own or operate this place, they just contract out to them. Yet the fact remains they are in a way still representing Hasbro. And that makes it hard to for me to say that this is not Hasbro’s responsibly to do something about it. Now I won’t say what I would do because who am I to say. But I will say this, please do something about it and fix this injustice to these workers.

Don’t let me down Hasbro, don’t be a Mattel.

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