Archer is back!

Archer is back! After the exciting three part story that opened season 3 in September, the show premiered a new episode on Thursday, January 19th, on FX. We’re back to stand-alone episodes with some continuity from the “Heart of Archness” story arch, which guest starred Patrick Warburton, David Cross, and modern day pirates.

This episode features none other than Archer’s hero, Burt Reynolds! (And Burt Reynolds voiced himself.) Much to Archer’s dismay, he’s dating his mother… and other stuff. Archer also has a Cuban hit squad after him.

In true Sterling Archer fashion, he over reacts and does something stupid, but! In an un-Archer like twist, Sterling is not the one that directly puts his friends in danger during this episode and sort of helps them.

As a huge fan of Archer, I have high expectations of pretty much every episode that airs. I wasn’t the biggest fan of  the beginning of season 3, it was a little too schizophrenic for me. One of the main problems I have with this show is some of the more convoluted stories.

That being said, I loved this episode. They utilized Burt Reynolds extremely well and Archer almost matured a little bit from the advice his childhood (and adulthood) hero gave him. It was more or less a classic Archer episode, simple and to the point with outlandish dialogue and stunts.

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