So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, Good Bye


Episode 56

Jesse Miller @penofdoom
Brandon Williams @brandosupreme

HTC Ban in America in 2012 (LINK)
SOPA hearing postponed till january (LINK)
Ding-Dong the AT&T&T-mobile merger is dead (LINK)
Error Code 8 Starring Jesse and Sam

12 Days of xbox starts (LINK)
8 Bits Starring Jay, Rachel, Brandon

Dark knight trailer (LINK)
The Hobbit trailer (LINK)
All The Rage Movie Edition starring Jay, Jesse, and Brandon

All The Rage TV Edition starring Jay and Brandon

Off The Rack Starring Jay, Tim, and Brandon

Our voicemail and text number is (754) 273-6397 (you can text as well)

Break Music by Kevin McLeod


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