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Today I realized something. Writers block sucks. Okay, not so much a realization as a remembering of it. I just can’t understand why it so infuriating to not know what to say. Though really speakers block can be a much worse thing. I mean just think about it. I can sit here and mull over what I want to write about. No big rush or anything really. I have plenty of time to stop and do some research and come back to this burden later. Not the poor sucker who has a lapse while speaking.

The writers area here at the website.

Now just think about this for a second. You only have one chance and a very limited and small window of time to say something. The perfect example is when you go out and see someone of the opposite sex and decide to approach them. Now we have a perfect example of which to start some comparisons.

In my situation this article has about an almost unlimited time frame as long as it gets done by some Wednesday in the future. That also assumes that I decide to publish it at all anyways. I have time to research my subject and do many editorial look overs. Oh, and also find photos to go along with it.

Now we return back to the poor hapless fool who has decided to approach the opposite sex or heck this also happens when one tries to approach a famous person. What do you say to not look like the desperate fool that you are? Well, good luck with that. You have little to no time to truly prepare or do research. Though you might want to find time to stop and check your breath and make sure nothing is hanging out of your nose.

I guess we could really call this issue as something more along the lines of conversationalists block. As calling it speakers block might imply something more akin to an oral presentation given to an audience. Though really it is all oral communications and no matter what, it still is a pain in the rear to get up and now find you have idea what to say.

some folks have real issues with oral communications.

To all you great orators and conversationalists, and pick up artists included, I applaud you all and your well-honed craft. You make it look easy and that is a fact.

Peace on Earth and good will towards man.

Now I would like to wish you all a wonderful winter season. Let it be Christmas or Festivus, have fun and be joyous.

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