You know what I get a kick out of? I get a kick out of that. (But did you get a kick out of it?)

Episode 51

Jesse Miller @penofdoom
Brandon C. Williams @brandosupreme

Senate rejects bill to repeal net neutrality (LINK)
Amazon adds media apps to the Fire (LINK)
Sprint undercuts ATT with new data (LINK)

Minecraft goes gold
Dead Island DLC release date (LINK)
Skyrim is great, but not without bugs (LINK)
Stealth Bastard is a real game (LINK)


Justice League movie in the works? (LINK)
Hunger Games trailer (LINK)
Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn pre ticket sales are insane (LINK)


billy crystal will host Oscars, Muppets? (LINK)


Someone will die in X Force (LINK)
Heartbreaking story of Bill Mnatlo (LINK)

Strange News

a sixth performer was hurt during Spiderman turn off the dark (LINK)
Peta is against Mario (LINK) PETA’s site (LINK)
Worlds hottest pepper could kill you (LINK)

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