The Blackest of the Black Friday Deals

Jesse Miller @penofdoom
Brandon C. Williams @brandosupreme


Google music gets cranked to 11 (LINK)
Internet Censorship supporters (LINK)

New 360 dashboard Dec 6 (LINK)
Enemy Front Game Announced (LINK)
Spike VGA Awards (LINK)

George Clooney may play Steve Jobs in Biopic

Booster Gold TV series (LINK)

Marvel ends more series, including Black Panther, Daken, X-23 and more, what is the reason?

Black Friday Deals

Best Buy 42 inch LCD TV for $200
Target 46 inch LCD for $298
PS3 160GB with Little Big Planet and Ratchet & Clank for 199
XBox 360 250 GB bundle with Halo Reach and Fable 3
3DS bundle with Super Mario 3D Land or Zelda Ocarina of Time for 179
Best Buy & Wal Mart has Blu Ray and DVD deals like crazy.
Walmart Blue Wii for $99


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Break Music by Kevin McLeod

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