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Read it Later

 App Name: Read it Later
Usage: Web page caching app
Price: $2.99 pro (Free version available)

Have you ever been reading a web page and wanted to save it for later without junking up your bookmarks folder?  Read it Later will allow you to mark any web page and the app will download the page (along with pictures) so you can “read it later” (get it?).  For things like online shopping Read it Later will help you to make a cached list that you can view whenever you need to.  News stories are a given in the app so no worries there.

* View content online or offline (articles only)
* Automatically syncs queue across all your devices
* Formats articles for best viewing for your device — keeps images, videos
* Customize text, font, alignment and night time mode to make reading easy
* Share content you like to any other installed Android apps like Evernote, Twitter, and Facebook
* And Lots more!

* View your entire list (no limits)
* Easily search, sort, tag and archive content in queue
* Scroll with the volume rocker
* Rotation lock

With extremely easy setup and a free version to try Read it Later will help you manage your web pages a no brainer.

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