Brandon’s Worst 8 Comics Of The DC Shuffle

8. DC universe presents: Deadman

Sorry Johnny, I failed, The book sucked.

I have high hopes for the future of this series, it’s really the Deadman story that I hated. Any DC character other than Deadman would of been more fun. It’s a sad state of affairs when I would rather read a book that spotlights Vibe.
7. Batwing

Is he missing a finger? And why do they all have tiny Wolverine claws?

Another book I was excited for, this one combined Black Panther and Batman and threw him into an Iron Man suit! If only it were that good, seriously the book was bad. The worst part was that I understood where they were going with him, a strong African American lead is what DC needs, and the Batmen of many nations is a clever way to do that. This book could of easily just used existing characters Steel or Hardware in the same exact role and it would of been better.
6. I, Vampire

Just Shut Up. PLEASE!

I gave this book a lot of crap when I heard about it, and my predictions were pretty dead on. Bad Dialog, hard to comprehend art, and boring characters made this book a hard read.
5. Grifter

Yeah, that's how people react. Sure.

I was never a huge fan of Grifter in the first place, he was a bad Punisher rip off and he looked ridiculous. This book didn’t help to sway my opinion at all, seriously clunky and weak story telling all mixed into one bag.
4. Justice League International

I once watched an episode of Carlos Mencia that was less offensive than this, not really, I would never watch that crap.

I may be being a bit harsh on this book, but I expected more from it. Jurgens is a fantastic writer and he really phoned it in on this issue. Maybe, just maybe this book will get better, but my god it was horrid. JLI has some of the worst dialogue I’ve ever seen in a book and a boring overused story arc that will end the way it always does.
3. Mister Terrific

This is easily some of the worst dialogue I've ever read.

Dubbed Mister Terrible by your truly, and for good reason, this book sucked. A blatant cashing in on the fact that he’s black (he let’s you know every other page) This book was just…. well, terrible
2. Hawk & Dove

I like to call this one " The Case Of Hawks Disappearing Ears!"

Hawk & Dove with Art by Rob Liefeld. Nuff said.

What The F%$K IS GOING ON HERE! This crap makes my brain itch.

Oh boy, this one takes the cake, easily the worst book in my eyes. This was a mess all over, the art was horrible, trying to display that classic Kirby look with a modern twist was a bad idea. The story made little sense, I think it was about computer Hulk not liking his haircut (a mohawk that talked to him) so he trashed a lab, I think. Finally, the team, Giffen and Didio, I thought for sure it would be fantastic, but it ended up being a load of crap.

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  1. Wow, I really enjoyed Batwing, Deadman and I, Vampire.

    I liked them a whole lot more than some of the big ones (like JLA, which is just way overhyped).

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