Apple App-aholics Anonymous (TweetSpeaker)


App Name: Tweetspeaker
Usage: Reads your tweets to you
Price: $1.99


Tweetspeaker does exactly what it says it does.  After you sign into Twitter using the app, Tweetspeaker will download your twitter timeline and start reading it to you.  The voice is very robotic, but very understandable. It’s pretty nice to update your twitter stream and hear it read to you while you’re on your way to work.  The app is pretty straight-forward and doesn’t take a lot of setup.  If  you like to hear the twitter news, but don’t always have time to sit and read twitter, this app will fill the void for you.  I would have like this app a little more for $0.99, but even at $1.99 if you are going to use it then it’s worth it.

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