Apple App-aholics Anonymous (The Hiest)


App Name: The Heist
Usage: Puzzle Game
Price: $2.99


iTunes Link Here

The iOS platform is host to many, many games and The Heist is but one of those many.  If you like puzzles then The Heist is right up your alley.

The Heist is a grouping of several different types of puzzles in several different difficulty levels that are brought together as a congruent game with a story.  You are a thief trying to disarm the security on a safe and these puzzles are your only way in.  I do wish that the game weren’t $2.99, however, if you like the types of puzzles The Heist brings then it should be worth it.  There are two types of slide puzzles, one sudoku clone, and a block moving puzzle that will aggravate you to “controller twitsting” levels.  Here are some screens for you to gaze upon:


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