Android App-aholics Anonymous (Business Calendar)

App Name: Business Calendar
Usage: Calendar replacement for Android
Price: Free ($4.99 ad-free)

There are countless calendar apps on the market so finding one that fits your needs might seem impossible.  I recently had this issue and with a lot of research and a little patience I stumbled across Business Calendar.

Business Calendar is a simple and easy to use calendar that works as well by itself as it does syncing to your Google calendars.  I have about 5 Google calendars that I need access to at all times and the more of them I can see at once the better (I am horrible at remembering dates and times).  Business Calendar has a viewing mode that I simply fell in love with.  All of your calendars are assigned a different color and then bars are shown to you on a calendar so that you can tell what time your wife has something to do on Wednesday or if you can schedule a business lunch on Friday between your realestate agent and your Senior Editor.  As a perk, Business Calendar also has a wonderfully functional widget.  Here are some screens of Business Calendar in action:

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