Android App-aholics Anonymous (Tunein Radio)



App Name: TuneIn Radio
Usage: Streaming radio
Price: Free ($0.99)


TuneIn Radio QR Droid Private

I personally have three or four different streaming radio clients on my phone, but TuneIn Radio has replaced them all with very little effort.  While the free version of TuneIn allows you to listen and browse just fine, if you pay for the Pro version you are also able to record streams to play back later.  There is one difference from TuneIn and the rest of the streaming apps and that is it’s ability to stream internet radio stations, podcasts and local radio stations (in your location or other locations around the country).




The free version of the app gives you pretty much every feature of the paid version except for the stream recorder so if you want to try the app before you pay for it the free version is perfect.

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