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App Name: SeekDroid
Usage: Lost phone locator
Price: $0.99

SeekDroid QR Droid Private

If you have ever lost a phone you know how much you would give to be able to find out exactly where it was, or if you lost it in your house how about having it make a sound so that you can find it.  SeekDroid allows you to do all this and more for only a dollar.

SeekDroid allows you to remotely do a few very useful things:

– Locate your device
– Remotely Enable GPS
– Display its location on a map
– Audible alarm (even on silent)
w/ custom message
– Lock device w/ custom code
– Retrieve recent calls
– Remotely wipe entire phone
– Remotely wipe SD Card
– Hide from app drawer
– Disable App from being
– Virtually no battery drain
– Works without a SIM Card
– Reteive SIM ID, IMEI, and
active phone number

There is a lite version of the app, but the only thing it does is let you locate your phone.  It may cost $0.99, but remember that when your phone is stolen, it’s too late and you will wish you were about to part with the buck.




Not many screenshots on this one because the app itself doesn’t have much of an interface yet there is a shot of the website for tracking your device.  Download and enjoy.

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