52 Pickup: The DC Shuffle – Nightwing


If you haven’t read issue one of the Batman reboot, I suggest doing so before continuing with this review.  If not…fair warning.


In DC’s Reboot of Nightwing Dick Grayson has taken back the mantle of his old visage.  After a year as Batman, Grayson seems very happy to be out of the bat-suit and in to his own garb once again.


The majority of the issue is an introspective look at Grayson, the person and as Nightwing.  He talks about how he learned a lot as Batman, but how he is better suited for the role as Nightwing.


Probably the biggest change in Nightwing’s Reboot is its location: Gotham City.  No more hiding from the shadow of Batman.  Grayson is staying to continue the fight against criminals in the city he has spent the last year protecting.


And there’s a serious player on the field now and he has his hired-killer eyes set on Dick Grayson…here comes the Batman tie-in.

So as we discovered in issue one of Batman there’s a new villain in Gotham and according to DNA evidence all signs point to that villain being Dick Grayson.  And as this panel would imply he is unaware of this status.  But the “hired-gun” (in quotes because he doesn’t use guns but the term hired-knife sounds silly) seems to know more about the situation then we learn in this first issue.

I am very interested to see where the Batman and Nightwing storylines intersect and how these two characters will be interacting over the issues to come.

Nightwing was a solid book.  Not great, but a good piece of reading and did a nice job of transitioning the character back into his more natural role.  It gets a KING rating from me!


The best is yet to come so keep your eyes (and browsers) open on 8DaysAGeek all month long as we tackle the biggest story in comics!


For now,


This is your Bin Fodder Guru Tim Blacksmith signing off.


p.s. Did you spot the hooded lady?  I’ve included a picture below.  She keeps showing up in the strangest places!  Who is she?  What’s her impact going to be on the new DCU?  Discuss below in comments!!!

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