Leaked Avengers Trailer Now Online

official image from comic con 2011, great stuff.

The infamous trailer has finally been allowed to be viewed by public.After I had put up (and forced down) many bootleg trailers we finally can see a decent quality trailer

I really like the cap suit, more classic, minus the chainmail of course

I couldn’t be more pleased with this process so far, sure we lost some good directors (Favreau, Johnson) and some great supporting characters (Portmans Jane Foster, Rourkes Whiplash), and Norton…. but hey! Looks great! Nor sure about sleeveless Thor…

looks like a peekaboo of a red cape, maybe he'll have those crazy tiger boots!


What do the geek think? Are you pleased with this early look? Do you think Ruffalo can out do Norton? Are Thor’s arms to sexy for sleeves?

Will the Hulk have curly hair and a hairy chest like Ruffalo?


The Avengers doesn’t come out until 2012, so enjoy. Thnaks to Cinemablend.com and the classy Eric Eisenberg for the fantastic screen shots

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