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I can't believe they gave this guy another column...

Dear Don,


Recently I noticed I’ve been less harsh on movies. I used to be able to tear them apart and judge them without any personal feelings, now it seems like I enjoy every movie. When someone begins to say bad things I then see the errors, why is this, what can I do from not liking movies like Green Lantern?


Yours gingerly

-Green Geek filled with guilt-


The Green Lanterns must unite to fight a new enemy, upset movie goers.

Dear Ginger, if that’s your real name. Which I doubt by the way, Oh wait, Green Geek! Well, let me go out on a limb here and say this. Please call your doctor or other medical professional when you have these problems. I’m sorry but this mail bag is mostly for entertainment value. I will admit I have played a medical professional on television but, like George Clooney that doesn’t make me a doctor. Wait a minute, I think I got this now. You are only green because of Green Lantern. Hmmm. Well, I still say you need immediate medical attention if you liked that movie.

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