“Brandon’s really distracting in person.”

Episode 40

Jesse Miller @penofdoom
Brandon Williams @brandocop


In this episode we cover you in news like:



– HP touchpad – Story
– Steve jobs leaving Apple – Story
– Jailbreak.Me Creator Joins Apple – Story
– Galaxy S 2 Announced in US – Story
– New Sony Tablets – StoryStory
– Dept of Justice Sues to stop ATT – Story


– Razor Laptop – Story
– Gamestop and Deus Ex – StoryUpdate
– One Disk for Skyrim – Story
– New 3DS Ambassador Games – Story



– D23
– Wreck it Ralph footage, video game villian trying to be good, John C Reily.
– Footage, John Carter, Brave, Monsters U. Muppets, Avengers,- Bruce Willis will be in Gi Joe
– MOCAP pics alien weapons in Avengers
– Ghost Rider Trailer piss fire!
– New Blade Runner
– Stan Lee sues Conan

– Wonder Woman a horror comic?
– New god of thunder?

And much, much more.

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