Attack the Block- The Goonies Meet Giger

In a summer filled with aliens of every conceivable size, shape, and super power, Attack the Block stands out by focusing more on it’s young cast than its quasi-simian extraterrestrials.

Attack the Block is the story a gang of South London hooligans whose neighborhood is besieged by aforementioned aliens. The film begins with the crew mugging a young nurse as she makes her way back to her apartment building after a long night of work. During the course of the crime, a nearby car is destroyed when an object falling from the sky crashes into it. This causes the nurse to escape but Moses, the leader of the group, capitalizes on the easy entry into the vehicle and proceeds to check it for valuables. Here we get our first view of one of the film’s antagonists, a small eyeless gorilla-like creature with rows of glowing phosphorescent ┬áteeth.

The effects of the creatures are merely adequate, but the story is so entertaining and clever that you forgive how ridiculous the aliens look when chasing the kids and some of the obviously poor decisions made by the characters. The dialogue is witty in a way only a British film can be, and the young actors easily hold their own among the adults (Though Nick Frost is hard to top). The cinematography is exceptionally well done and makes the film look much higher budget than it actually is.

This is definitely NOT a Hollywood film and as such, there is quite a bit of blood and foul language to be enjoyed. The story even has a few surprises in it, mostly due to the expectations of safety we as Americans give to children in films.

Throughout the course of the film our “heroes” find themselves pursued by aliens, police, and even drug dealers, and embrace the situation with a zeal and fearlessness only a young person could. The resolution is satisfying, and isn’t quite what you would expect, but the surprises are partially what makes this movie so much fun.

I don’t want to ruin anymore of the story, and at only 88 minutes it’s easy to give too much away in a review. But if you liked The Goonies, District 9, Sean of the Dead, or any film like these, Attack the Block is movie you simply MUST experience.

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