Android App-aholics Anonymous (Overlook Fing)

Name: Overlook Fing
Usage: Network discovery tools
Price: Free


Market Link for Android


This week’s app is one of my favorite no nonsense apps. Overlook Fing allows your Android device to analyze the wireless network that it’s attached to. Some of the tools that Overlook Fing includes are: ip address scanner, TCP service scan, ping, traceroute, and dns Whois.

After starting the app and viewing your scan you’ll see a list of all of the devices and their ip/names and the manufacturer of the network interface. The basic list is great for detecting the gateway and dns of a network as well as the ip of any host you may have forgotten about.


If you do a lot of network troubleshooting or just have a curious nature, go to the market and pick up Overlook Fing. Great app for the great price of free.

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