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Jeffrey Rowland

Wigu is another comic by Jeffrey Rowland. I wrote about his journal comic back in December of 2010. Lately he has tweeted about buying a house and it brought to mind that if I can help this awesome guy by sending some traffic to either one of his webcomics, or the t-shirt and other stuff internet store he runs, I will. He probably doesn’t need the help, but he makes me laugh and the dude deserves some recognition for making his living from doing something he (presumably) loves to do.

Wigu is about a boy and his family. I actually have some of the books he sold featuring their adventures, and they are good and weird and everything an enjoying read should be. But the creator really explains it best:

Wigu is a comic about a boy named Wigu and his family, the Tinkle family. They all live in a town in Oklahoma called Shallow Brook that has a population of about 21,489, but that changes almost daily.

Wigu began as a story told in chapter-days, meaning when a character woke up, the story would start, and the story would end when the last character fell asleep. However, Wigu’s author is capricious and easily distracted and has difficulty concentrating on something for very long so the story sometimes wanders.

The purpose of this guide is to help you navigate through the wandering and straying. What follows are how the stories play out (with helpful hyperlinks included). The links in the paragraphs go to specific comics in the story. We recommended you bookmark this page, for it is quite easy to become lost, confused, or to simply pass out.

And if you want to skip this whole online reading business altogether, we’ve heard that a certain store carries these weird tangible paper things called “books.” Might be good to check out.



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