Top 8 Robots


This does not compute

He may be a creepy pale dude, but he gets to hang with Captain Picard.

7.Johnny 5

he should kill Fisher Stevens

Super smart Johnny 5, star of short circuit and inspiration to Wall-E

6.T 800

I feel inclined to mention recent affairs... nope.

The Terminator himself the T-800 is a time traveling bad mama jama, Hasta La Vista.

5.Optimus Prime

he must face his most brutal enemy, Michael Bay

The leader of the Autobots and wielder of the All Spark, don’t screw with him.

4.Iron Giant

Vin Diesel robot, don't mess with him.

This was a planet destroying alien super weapon, luckily for us he hit his head and forgot to kill all of us.


a great rolemodel

Bender is the chain smoking, vulgar, alcoholic, AWESOME robot on Futurama. Plus, he kind of looks like homer.


his best friend is a shiny gay guy.

This beeping bad ass is one of the bravest trashcans ever, right after the one Gary Busey throws his floss in.


hmmm, who would win a fight... Would Megaman get a hand gun if he won?

Is it any surprise to my readers that I chose this epic BAMF as number one? Didn’t think so. I mean come on! This guy killed Red Foreman! How could I choose between these 2? Megaman is a bad ass that steals the weapons of the other robots he kills! that’s epic.

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