Top 8 Comic Book Assholes

1. The Joker

This bean represents his sanity, and his lunch. The dude is skinny!

Biggest A Hole Moment: Let’s see, shooting and paralizing Batgirl then forcing her father to watch his daughter nude and writhing in excrutiating pain, and beating Robin to death with a crowbar.

2. Dr.Light

man... I wish I had a young hero to rape.... bored.



Biggest A Hole Moment: besides being a general creep with a hard on for the young teen titans, he also raped Elongated Man’s wife while bragging about how she wasn’t the first. He also killed the young hero Sparkler just because he hates super powered children.

3. Dr.Doom

this goblet? yeah it's made from baby skull.


Biggest A Hole Moment: After killing the only woman he ever loved he then turned her skin into leather and then into armor

4. Lex Luthor

and now, baby skeet shot!


Biggest A Hole Moment: he fixed his mentally damaged sister then reverted her back just to prove he could (DICK), and he once sold a bunch people super powers then watched and laughed as they died once the powers left them, plus he just messes with Superman for no reason.

5. Sabertooth

Perhaps X Men Origins Wolverine was my douchiest moment.


Biggest A Hole Moment: he constantly kills Wolverines girlfriends and every year he attacks Wolverine on his birthday for fun, but they are old friends.

6. Lobo

and I killed all of my kids.... for fun!


Biggest A Hole Moment: Where do I start, he killed Santa, neutered the Easter Bunny, Lobo even killed every person on his home planet for a science project, gave himself a A

7. Maxwell Lord

his last words? "Your Mom!"


Biggest A Hole Moment: This guy messed up Batmans super secret OMAC program so it would attack everyone and killed the Blue Beetle, plus he’s just a real smug bastard.

8. Guy Gardner

we all know how gingers get


Biggest A Hole Moment: The only hero on this list, Guy Gardner is the football jock that everyone hated, this dude was rude and vulgar and he loved to screw with Batman.


this happened on a regular basis

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