Android App-aholics Anonymous (Ustream)

Name: Ustream
Usage: Watching and broadcasting live video streams.
Price: Free

Market Link


Have you ever witnessed the greatest thing ever and wanted to share it with the world? Yeah of course you could always record a video and upload it to YouTube at your first chance but you may have been beaten by someone else and then your video just gets lost in the shuffle. Enter Ustream; the video streaming company makes it possible to create your own personal live broadcast channel. Using your Android device you can stream live video to the web for the world to see. Where’s the fun in just sending video? Using Ustream’s all in one app you can also watch all of the channels that Ustream offers.



As with any “open to the world” streaming service, Ustream does have it’s share of useless channels, but if you know what you’re looking for then you can hit gold. To try out the Ustream app you can always search for Leo Laporte and the TWiT network; they report tech news 24/7.

Have an app that you want reviewed? Have an app that you’ve been using and want to let the world know about it? Let us know and it could be the next app in Android App-aholics Anonymous.

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