Android App-aholics Anonymous (GhostTown)


Name: GhostTown
Usage: Stream any song any time.
Price: Free ($0.99 ad-free)

Android App Market Link

I’ve reviewed a lot of music streaming apps where you buy music and then stream it or you can pick a band and stream music that sounds the same, but what if there were an app that let you search for an artist or song and stream that artist and song only with no strings attached?  Ghosttown allows you to do just that.  Search for a song and Ghosttown will go to the web and find a copy that you can stream.

As you can see below I did a search for Weird Al Yankovic and Ghosttown came back with all of his albums including his newest album that’s only days old.

Great app and its on the app store for now, but you know how apps like this can disappear fast.

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