Apple App-aholics Anonymous: QlockTwo

Name: Time in Words – QlockTwo
Compatible Devices: iPhone and iPod Touch
Price: .99

Would you like what seems like it would be the most useless time telling app in the world?! Do you want to pay .99 for it? I have found it, and I don’t regret spending my money* on it.

First of all, it’s a clock. It’s only a clock (no alarms) that tells time in words, and updates every 5 minutes. It also has seconds, after you shake the device, which is kind of useless. It tells time in French, German and English words.

What it does not do:
Run in the background.
Take advantage of retina display.**
Tell accurate time.

What it does do:
Looks interesting.
Only costs .99, rather than $1,100 for the handmade clock you can hang on the wall.

According to the website, this app is also available for Android, so now we both can take advantage of this interesting wordy time piece. I mainly use it at work when I want something nice to look at when I need a vague time. What I wold really love is the actual clock, but a cheap app will do. Yes, it will do just fine.

*Actually, it was an iTunes gift card.
**It is literally a black and white clock it doesn’t need to take advantage of retina display.

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