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When Dc announced the launch of an all new Wonder Woman Tv show, mant fans clammored the internet with questions. Who will play her? What will she wear? Will it be any good? Well, now we have the answer to the first two of these questions. Here is Adrianne Palicki in all her wonder!

This costume was modified from the original release back in early March. Notice the change in pants. Aparently shiny pleather top-awesome. Shiny pleather pants-halloween time.

Now the best way to judge this costume is to compare it to the great history of fashion that has made Wonder Woman the icon she is today. First appearing in December of 1941 with her armor clad corset and star-spangled skirt, America was wowed by this Amazonian sweetheart. As strong as Superman and as quick witted as Batman, us gals finaly had a heroine of our own.

This feminine outfit wat topped off with the coolest accessories a girl could want. A magical and unbreakable lasso that willed anyone to tell the truth. Bullet blocking braclets. Also a tiara that always hit it’s mark, fit for a princess of the amazons.

Later in the sixties, she ditched her skirt for a set of star covered spankies, all the better to show off her mile long legs. Also a slight alteration to her cheast plate. Before was a majestic eagle. Now lays the WW symbol mst used to recognize the character. This is the most classic and iconic look. Drawn by top artists and fanboys for decades. Chosen to be the look used by Bruce Timm for the Justice League cartoon series.

She is such a fashion icon that this year MAC cosmetcis released a Wonder Woman make-up selection baised on the comic character. See the comercial here

 Now we come to the first lady to don the lasso for televison, the great Linda Carter!

The brawn, the beauty, the braclets! Linda Carter had it all and gave her all for three seasons of this show. See the gold pattern on her top is a replica of the golden age Wonder Woman. With a matching belt (always an important fashion yes) wrapped around her tiny waist, and the tiara holding back her perfectly flippd ‘do, no one was most striking. With her blue eyes and wide stance, she truely looked like she was carved from stone and blessed by the gods.

Through the years Wonder Woman has tried many different looks at the whims of artists and editors. Thankfully she always bounced back to her stunning stars and red corset. Then last summer Dc comics announced a relaunch, revamp, and new outfit for issue #600. It has not gone over well.


Her shoulder-padded, black, biker-jacket and painted on pants make her look more urban vigilanty circa 1992 than timless Greek Princess. Dc claims that the outfit had to be so far away from the original we grew up with becasue this wasn’t the same Wonder Woman. Our poor heroine is lost in a plot hole dressed like a dated 90’s mini-series! Who will save her from this fashion disaster? The blue jacked doesn’t go with the outfit at all and seems to keep the best parts hidden. Her sectioned red corset is the one salvagable piece. It emphasizes her feminine side while still adding theat, “yes I can kick your ass” attitude. Don’t get me started in the shoes.

As fans wait for our princess to return to us as we knew her, we are given the new Wonder Woman Tv show oufit to mull over. Braclets? Check. Tiara? Check. Lasso? Check. Patriotic colors? Check. Amazonian armor? Check.

So why are fans pulling away from this outfit? Bashing it left and right? We waited 9 long seasons to hope to see Tom Wellington of Smallville don his tights, only to be let down time and again. Here we see it right away and yet we seem disapointed. I think it is not the outfit we fashion fans are saddened about, but the woman inside. Hear me out, Adrianne Palicki is a beautiful woman. Very classy to be sure, but she lacks the most important quality in a superhero/superheroine.

Power! We have yet to see her inner Amazon break out. She looks the part but we have yet to see that factor of a person who can kick your ass. Simple as that. Still images can only give us so much. As fans who have built up Wonder Woman in our minds for years, we need to see her attitude in movement and action to be satisfied. Linda Carted proved herself from pin-up girl to Wonder Woman on the screen and it is only fair we give this new Wonder Woman the same chance.

Look for it in 2012 on NBC.

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