Android App-aholics Anonymous (Amazon App Store)

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Name: Amazon App Store
Usage: New app store like the Android Market
Price: Free

Link to Amazon’s Download page (have the link sent to your phone)

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I scoffed at this app at first because at first it was just another appstore and I’ve seen my fair share of useless appstores.  Amazon has released their version of an Android market and its not half bad; let’s see why.

Amazon’s appstore isn’t really any cheaper or easier than Google’s Android Market, but it is worth downloading for a single outstanding reason…
Free Apps.

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Every day there is a paid app that Amazon let’s you download for free with a new app each day.  At first I thought that all of the free apps were going to be useless $0.99 wonder blunders; this was not the case.  There have been several $3+ apps already (I downloaded a $5 golf GPS for free the other day).

The app itself is free and for a free “paid” app everyday its well worth a download.

You have to enable “unknown sources” in your Android system settings so some phones won’t be able to install the appstore (AT&T I’m looking at you and your crippled Android phones).

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