Android App-aholics Anonymous (Square)


Name: Square
Usage: Take credit card payments on your phone
Price: Free (extra charges for usage)






Square is a company that specializes in mobile payment acceptance.  At first that doesn’t sound like most people’s cup of tea; let me explain.

The Square app for Android (and also iOS if you’re into that sort of thing) is an app that basically lets you take someone’s credit card info by either typing it into your device or via one of Square’s FREE scanners (by giving Square your address you get one of these puppies for free; shipping is also gratis) and then use that info to charge them for any services you may have rendered.  Basically, I work on Bob’s computer, I take Bob’s credit card and swipe it through the Square scanner with the app pulled up on my phone, then I enter an amount, let Bob sign for the purchase and then email Bob a receipt.  The entire process is extremely easy.

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 9










(Sorry for the lack of screen shots.  Technical Difficulties. Here is Square’s site for more info.)

Most services that do these types of transactions make you pay an activation fee then a monthly fee, but Square has the right idea and they aren’t afriad to use it.  Square doesn’t charge monthly and doesn’t have an activation fee; the account signup is free, the scanner and app are free, the only money that Square takes is 2.75% of each charge made through their app CHEAP!

Free to have, open to individuals, and really cheap to use;  Square has hit the mobile payment processing nail on the head.  Try out the app if you take payments for anything while you are on the road.

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