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Today I have decided to talk about myself a wee bit. More to the point the websites I like to frequent. These are the 8 sites that I like for the content and information that I can get from them. They range all across my interests.

1. Oafe.net. This has to be the best toy review website that I can think of. The people who run this website are really on their a-game. I really recommend them for all your action figure review news.

2. Actionfigureinsider.com. This is a great website for toy news and info. If you ever want to really get in on the ground floor of being a toy geek, this is the place to do it. Many people inside the toy world frequent this site. You never know who you might find hanging around the boards.

3. Toonzone.net. This is the site for cartoons! If you really love superhero animation they have some of the best hosted sites. They also have a good selection for anime fans too.

4. Fbtb.net. Do you love Lego? Do you love Star Wars? Well, you can’t go wrong with this site. Need I say more?

5. Therossman.com. This site is full of humor and lots of…. well interesting things. The content is for adults. You have been warned, so don’t cry if you are too young to handle this humor.

6. Cracked.com. This is some good old fashioned funny right here. A wee bit more appropriate for the younger crowd. Well, really they just avoid the strong language.

7. Facebook. I love how every complains about how we have no privacy yet they go on here and rant and rave their most embarrassing secrets. If you do not want people to know you got drunk and messed yourself, please do not post it to your wall! I mean really people!

8. 8DaysAGeek.com. Nuff’ said.

Remember Kids, use the internet safely!

Got website you like? Let it be known! Leave a comment!

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