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Today I will finish up my trilogy of complaints against Warner/DC. Today I will give some explanation to my reasoning on my choices. I hope for the few who reads this that it is interesting to you. So now begins the exciting and climatic ending to this story!

Why did this ever happen?

The first thing I will touch on is my villain choices. For those in the know you may have noticed the pattern. With out much variation I picked the Legion of Doom membership for my jumping point. These are all classic and easily recognized evil doers. The reason I picked two villains for Flash was that I felt the Flash movie should have a fast pace to match the character and as such two villains wouldn’t hurt. Also even though I love the Flash rogue gallery, it is all rather weak characters. Power wise that is. I felt Captain Cold and the Trickster could play off each other well.

For Wonder Woman I felt Cheetah should be more like the recent comics and be a human-animal hybrid. Not a gal in a suit. I figure they could turn her origin into something Greek myth related and have some good ol’ Gods and Goddesses make some cameos like the Thor movie.

Aquaman has few villains and I always liked Black Manta anyways. I think Aquaman’s brother Orm should have a cameo that could lead to Ocean Master in a possible sequel.

When it came to Green Lantern I felt since most average people are some what familiar with his origin I felt we can just skip it to the turning evil of Sinestro. Really I think only Wonder Woman could use an origin story in her movie. Maybe flash too, but only as a flash back (ha ha).

For the Flash/Green Lantern team up I feel Grodd is the best choice. I always see him as more of a team villain. Much like Solomon Grundy he is better with big threats. The kind of threats that need more then one hero. This movie I feel could also bring in Martian Manhunter. As Grodd is a physic villain why not bring him in from hiding to help stop him. Then he can warn everyone about Starro and begin the events for the next film.

For the League of course you need Starro. No other villain will do for the origin of the Justice League! This film can deal with the back story of Martian Manhunter and maybe have some other heroic cameos! I see no reason why Green Arrow can’t show up to be the first auxiliary member, with Black Canary no less.

One more idea I have is to have Martian Manhunter have a cameo in every film to link them. He knows what is coming and is seeing who would be best to stop Starro. Basically I am ripping off Nick Fury from Marvel but I feel it could work. Universe building never hurt no one.

I have never seen this movie and I refuse to start now!

Of course this is all wishful thinking on my part. I am curious to see what everyone thinks would be the best course of action for a Justice League film. Let me know. Do you think more characters are needed? Maybe a different villain? Less lead in films? Please share your thoughts!

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  1. I agree, the only thing I think should be different is that you make Green Lantern team leader, and have Sinestro build the Legion of Doom, also drop Wonder Woman, make her have her own film, replace her with Black Canary and have a love story going on with her and Green Arrow. Get rid of Cheetah obviously and thrown in Huntress, make her a bad guy that eventually betrays the Legion and becomes a good guy so then you can show the whole redemption aspect, I agree that MM should be the common link, the cameos are easy as well, have The Atom be a scientist who doesn’t want to join, and Hawkman as a archielogist who aids in the discovery of Gorilla city during the Flash/Green Lantern crossover, after the JLA movie you can then spin off to a Hawkman/Atom movie which will use the Magic/Science argument and the villain should be Shadow thief to introduce the characters and the big baddies be The Royal Flush Gang.
    want to see your idea for casting, obviously Green Lantern and Sinestro already have actors attached, so who do you think works well as the others?

  2. I just wanted to keep it simple for the common audience. We can complain all we want but when you really think about it we are lucky we get any good super hero movies. As for as the line up goes I always thought the original five worked the best. Mainly to keep it simple. Too many things going on and you lose everything. So, you need a small team and if you have a small team why not the five? My self I figured MM as the leader. Good idea on Hawkman. I never thought of him because I always picture him with the JSA. Which would be a cool spin off too. Atom as well. Green Arrow and Black Canery are who I pictured for the first spin off though. Apples and oranges though, it will never happen. I bet if it does it will just be Batman/Superman and some background cameos…with Bat-Nipples to keep Joel happy.

  3. True, I was looking at the movie from a holly wood view, it HAS to have a love story, and Wonder woman just doesn’t care, so I replaced her with Canary so then you can give the female demographic something to enjoy with the targeted male 18 – 25 demographic. Also, MM isn’t reconisable as the flash or green lantern, so the leader wouldnt fit.

  4. The much needed love story has escaped me. I feel bad that I forgot it. I really can’t see anyone besides GA and BC pulling it off. Though I did kinda like the Batman/Wonder Woman plot from the DCAU. Even though they just left it hanging. What a downer. I just hope the hollywood writers have learned something about how not to drop in a needless relationship. Need a good example just watch Star Trek, Spock does not need to be hooking up with Uhura. It made no sense and I bet it was a last minute add on. It just seemed to be tacked on really.

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